Burgers in Charlotte, NC

If you are ever in Charlotte, North Carolina and you get a hunkering for a good hamburger, you might want to check out these three places https://www.thomascafe.net/ . When you go to that site, scroll down to the bottom and click on “Articles” in the lower right hand corner. You will get access to all of the articles that have been published on that site.

Hood Cleaning of Charlotte Reviews Three Mediterranean Restaurants in Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte NC Restaurant Hood CleaningThe Mad Greek of Charlotte is located at 5011 South Boulevard in Charlotte, North Carolina. It is the dream of two Greek brothers, Chris and George Limberakis, who immigrated to the United States from a small Greek Island called Lefka. Their goal was to fine jobs and improve their lives.

Chris, who was the oldest of the two, found a job in a Greek restaurant and fell in love with the industry. He would come home every night and tell George everything about his day. He worked his way into several positions ultimately becoming a chef and learning how to cook authentic Mediterranean food. The brothers dreamed of one day owning their own restaurant.

Their dream came true on October 31, 1991 when they purchased Hugo’s Diner. Along with their children, they built a strong clientele. They made one mistake and leased the restaurant to another person who defaulted two months later. They took over the restaurant again and renamed it The Mad Greek of Charlotte expanding the menu to include more Greek dishes.

Today the restaurant is run by one of the sons, Chris, who has strived to keep up their reputation. They get a strong four-and-one-half-star rating with close to one thousand reviews on the internet.

Taziki’s Mediterranean Café is located in the Meyers Park area of Charlotte, North Carolina. Owners Keith and Amy Richards took a trip to Greece in 1997 where they fell in love with the small-table cafes. They found the food was healthier than the typical American diet and enjoyed how the community used these cafes as a place to connect.Charlotte North Carolina Restaurant Hood Cleaning

Opening their own Mediterranean restaurant became an obsession with Keith and Amy and they opened one within a year of their return from Greece in 1998. They have since franchised the business and there are Taziki’s Mediterranean Café’s all over the United States.

Every Taziki’s Mediterranean Restaurant has a community table where people can meet and share a great meal. Their success in Charlotte has put them on the map and their food keeps their customer coming back again and again.

Located in the Highland Creek area of Charlotte, North Carolina is Peno Mediterranean Grill. It’s founder, Jamal Haddod, opened the first one in 2001. His goal was to bring the kitchen from his childhood in Lebanon to the American people.

Charlotte NC Restaurant MediterraneanToday, Peno Mediterranean Grill has several franchises one the East Coast of the United States. Their passion for serving fresh Mediterranean food combined with love have given them quite a following of clientele.

Their Charlotte, North Carolina location has gotten them close to four hundred positive posts online. Their posts have given them a four-point-six-star rating that is well deserved.

Hood Cleaning of Charlotte is passionate about making sure the commercial kitchen exhaust systems in Charlotte, North Carolina and surrounding areas are cleaned professionally. They have trained their technicians to the National Fire Protection Association Code 96 stand for hood cleaning. It is essential that every commercial kitchen have their hoods cleaned by a professional on a regular basis.

A professional hood cleaner not only cleans the exhaust system inside the restaurant, they clean the filters and get into the turbine on the roof as well. This is important as grease can build up in the turbine and become a fire hazard.

San Francisco Bay Area Hood Cleaning Reviews Three Great Italian Restaurants

Bay Area CA RestaurantOpening their doors in October 1989, Montecatini Ristorante is located in Walnut Creek. They have received several awards in their twenty-nine years of being in business.

Chef-owner Ermes Paulin was born and raised in Vicenza, Italy. At the age of seventeen, he was trained in the finest culinary academy in the world. Continue reading San Francisco Bay Area Hood Cleaning Reviews Three Great Italian Restaurants

Three Great Gastropub Restaurants in Atlanta, GA

Back in 1836 the state of Georgia wanted to build a railroad to the Midwestern part of the United States. Driving a stake into the ground in 1837 was the beginning of Atlanta, Georgia. Homes and stores came onto the scene in 1839 which quickly became a settlement. The railroad lines arrived in four different directions between 1845 and 1854. This caused Atlanta to quickly become a rail hub for the greater Southern United States. This caused the city to become a huge distribution hub when quickly caused it to become a target by the Union during the Civil War. In 1864 Union troops invaded setting fire to everything but hospitals and churches. Once the war was over, manufacturing was on the rise as well as the population. One of the largest companies in the world was born in Atlanta and that was Coca-Cola who set up shop in 1886.

Today Atlanta is a mecca of eclectic restaurants, gastropubs and craft breweries. I have three gastropubs that I looked into and want to share with you. Continue reading Three Great Gastropub Restaurants in Atlanta, GA

Brew by Numbers – Saison

BBNo – 01 | 10

Abv: 5.5% Saison Classic

The Beer: Light, bready, flowery fresh aroma; opaque, light golden in colour with a white frothy head; clean, fresh taste, plenty of peppery bitterness with a clean aftertaste; some citrus flavours that combine well with a light, bready taste. Really great taste and mouthfeel seems to provide the right kick of bitterness but does not take over the mouth. Very enjoyable, and a great beer. This brewery seems to have an extensive catalogue, that includes a Triple, Baltic Porter, six types of IPA, and something I will need to check out.

Black Sheep Brewery – Yorkshire Gold

Black Sheep Brewery – Yorkshire Gold

Abv: 4.5% Golden Ale

The Beer: Malty and nutty light aroma; Clear, golden-brown in colour, little or no visible carbonation, frothy head quickly goes; the nutty and malt aroma come out in the taste, light syrup taste; lighter bodied, smooth at first but tending towards a little too much carbonation.

Thoughts: I’ve been drinking fine Yorkshire beers for the last week, mainly on tap which went down smoothly and very well. This is a good effort and one of Marks & Spencer’s UK beers. I reckon I’ve had some Black Sheep Brewery beers before and rate them highly (we even went through Masham a few times last week). Worth having if you are stuck in M&S and in need of a beer to buy.

Beavertown Nectar Oil

Beavertown – Neck Oil Session Pale Ale

Abv: 4.3% IBU: 45

The Beer: Deliciously hoppy, really clean aroma, some citrus and peppery elements; slightly opaque, light gold in colour, fluffy white head, plenty of bubbles rising up; delicious hoppy taste, some peppery edges, bitter along with the roof of the mouth; medium-light bodied.

Thoughts: Very good. Very enjoyable. Really love the artwork on the can and throughout the website. The beer is great, but I’ve only got one can. Oh, bum. Could drink loads of this. Simple as that.

Arundel Brewery – Smokehouse Porter

Arundel Brewery – Smokehouse Porter

Alc 6% vol

The Beer: Plenty of mild, smokey aromas, nothing much else to smell; opaque, very dark brown with a tan head; smokey, bitter taste, some malts, more complex flavours come out as the beer warms; plenty of alcohol warmth, some bitterness in the mouth, medium bodied. To be honest this is not my type of beer, reminds me more of a rauchbier and I have issues with smokey flavours repeating on me? That said the other beer drinker in the house really enjoyed this, so I will ignore my opinion in this case and go with the other opinion that this was a “very enjoyable beer”.

Arundel Smokehouse porter beer review