Atlanta Hood Cleaning Pros Reviews Three High End Restaurants in Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta GA RestaurantNikolai’s Roof first opened in 1976 on the thirtieth floor of the Hilton Atlanta.  It has amazing views of the city’s skyline that makes the dining experience one would not easily forget.  The restaurant was remodeled in 2014 to give it a more updated ambience.

Nikolai’s is proud to say they have received the AAA Four Diamond award for twenty-seven years consecutively.  They confidently say they are the longest active establishment that can boast about their award.

Their Chef de Cuisine is Stephanie Alderete who is a graduate of the Art Institute of Atlanta.  She has worked for Hilton Atlanta for seven years and has risen up through the ranks.  Her creativity has a Russian flair that brings customers in time and again.  She love to personally welcome guests while soaking up the stunning views.

The Sommelier and General Manager is Daniel Rudiger.  He has a long history in the food and wine scene in Atlanta.  Through the years, he has worked in some of the finest establishments in Atlanta honing his Sommelier and managing skills.

Nikolai’s Roof experience has given them a strong four plus star rating online.  There are close to three hundred and seventy-five posts.

Agatha’s A Taste for Mystery is located at 161 Peachtree Center Avenue in Atlanta, Georgia.  This place is a must when visiting Atlanta.  They have been dishing up hilarious, original and unique murder mysteries to their patrons for over thirty years.Atlanta GA Restaurant Media

At Agatha’s A Taste for Mystery, their murder mysteries are done in a comedic fashion.  They use only the most talented and funniest actors available.  Keep in mind this is interactive, so the audience is in on the show.

All shows are original and have been written by amazing writers just for Agatha’s.  These writers have written for Fortune 500 companies, movies and television so their experience is unquestionable.

It is recommended to make reservations to plan in advance as the venue only seats one hundred and seventy people.  As one comes in the door, they are greeted by actors who give a brief explanation of how the evening will proceed.  Because the seating is family style, you never know who you may be sitting across from.  Humm, could it be the killer?

For sure this will be an experience you will not easily forget.  You might even want to add to their over four hundred raving reviews online that give them over a four and one-half star rating.

Atlanta GA Restaurant PhotoChops Lobster Bar is located at 70 W Paces Ferry Road NW in Atlanta, Georgia.  They are one of several restaurants that are part of the Buckhead Life Restaurant Group.

The Buckhead Life Restaurant Group opened their first restaurant in 1979.  After opening a couple of other places, they opened Chops Lobster Bar in 1989.  They opened several more places before branching out to Baca Raton and Miami Beach.

The partners for Buckhead Life Group is Pano Karatossos and Chef Paul Albrecht.  They did not originally set out to build a restaurant empire but their passion for fine dining kept giving them inspirations on opening the next best restaurant.

Chops has over one thousand three hundred evaluations on the World Wide Web suggesting everyone in the area is missing out if they do not visit at least one time.

Atlanta Hood Cleaning Pros has been serving the greater Atlanta, Georgia area for years.  Their team of professionals take great pride in hood cleaning and making sure local restaurants do not experience any down time due to fire or contamination hazard.


Wyoming Discount Registered Agent, Inc. Reviews Printing PDF vs Creating PDF

What is a PDF?

PDF is short for Portable Document Format and should come to you with the file extension of .pdf.  For the most part, the PDF come to you as a read-only document.  Unlike a Microsoft Word document, the PDF cannot be changed or altered by the recipient.

Wyoming Discount Registered Agent Wagon Media While a PDF can contain embedded fonts, video, forms, text, images and interactive buttons, they are mostly used in the read-only format.  Created by Adobe in the 1990’s the object of the PDF was designed to be able to open on any operating system or hardware.  For the most part all you need is the software that is considered read only.

Many times, if you don’t have the software on your computer to open a PDF, you are directed to Adobe Reader or a third-party application to install the basic program.  If you want to be able to make changes, you can get the upgraded version which gives you much more freedom to work with the document.

One of the cheapest ways to get a PDF writer is to download a PDF printer.  Keep in mind you will not be able to alter the document, so you have limited use.

Tell Me More About the PDF Printer

First you will need to download the software application onto your computer.  When you are ready to save the document, you click on the print button and select PDF as your choice to print.  You will then need to give it a name and save it to your desired folder.

You can then send the PDF to someone who can easily open it.  Sharing a PDF with someone prevents them from changing or editing the document.

What is a PDF File?

When you purchase the upgraded PDF software, you will be able to edit the document.  Many times, you will be able to download a form and fill it out right on your computer versus printing it up and filling it out by hand.  People who are savvy with this software will have their signature on file, so they can insert it into the document.  This is a great way to minimize your paper usage.

Foxit Phantom PDF has a wide range of editing and sharing of documents with a variety of features:

    • You can search content
    • You have the ability to fill out fillable forms
    • You get better security by using document encryption
    • Many times it complies with industry standards
    • You have the ability to integrate with collaboration solutions
    • You get the ability to approve/sign documents that are electronic – again saving on paper and ink and filing space.

When the PDF was still young, the process could be time consuming as you had to work with multiple programs to create one.  Today, it is quick and easy.

Wyoming Discount Registered Agent, Inc. has been working with people to incorporation their company in Wyoming since 2001.  We are a family owned business with a commitment to provide companies with the best customer service possible when forming their new business.  We only charge sixty-nine dollars and ninety-five cents annually to be your Registered Agent and it is well worth it.

Los Angeles Hood Cleaning Review Three Great BBQ Restaurants in Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles not only the largest city in California, it is the second largest city in the United States.  The estimated population in 2018 is close to four hundred thousand people.  The Roman Catholic Archdiocese is considered to be the largest in the United States.

Barbecue food is not exclusive to the South. Los Angeles Hood Cleaning has picked three barbecue restaurants in Los Angeles to review.

Los Angeles California Restaurant BlodsosBludsos Bar & Que, located in the Fairfax area of Los Angeles, is the dream barbecue restaurant of Kevin Bludso.  Kevin’s roots for barbeque go back five generations in Corsicana, Texas.  Kevin was raised in Compton, California but lived in Corsicana in the summer.  There he spent hours learning the art of slow-smoked meats by the side of his grandmother, Willie Mae Fields.

After spending fifteen years working for the L.A. Department of Corrections, Kevin could not resist the call of his family heritage, meat and smoke.  In 2008, Kevin opened Bludso’s Bar & Cue in his hometown of Compton.

The demand of his barbecue has expanded to La Brea Boulevard with a sit-down bar and restaurant.  He has even opened an outpost in Melbourne, Australia.  They have racked up over one thousand internet reviews with a four and one-half star rating.

Boogie McGee’s Bayou Smoke House BBQ is located in a true urban area of Los Angeles at Wilshire Center.  The owner is fondly referred to as the Beverly Hilllbilly as he was raised in Pass Christian, Mississippi.  His childhood consisted of working in his family’s seafood business and was taught to cook by his Aunt Eunice.

Los Angeles Restaurant Boogie McGees

When Hillbilly went to one of his high school reunions, he fell in love with a former classmate.  He followed her to Los Angeles where she had been living since 1999.  Hillbilly started throwing fourth of July barbecues that grew to over one hundred people.  When he started throw summers end parties the light bulb went off and he decided he should open his Boogie McGee’s Bayou Smoke House BBQ.

Today, Hillbilly still serves some of the most amazing smoked meats in the area.  One of the favorite of the patrons is his Aunt Eunice’s potato salad.  They may have only ninety-six online posts but each one raves about how yummy the food is.

Los Angeles CA Restaurant SLAB







SLAB is a lifelong dream of an Israeli immigrant, Burt Bakman.  A business trip to Texas turned into a passion for barbecue.  Burt is a perfectionist and pledged to become one of the best pitmasters around.

He created Trudy’s Underground barbecue in the back yard of his home in San Fernando Valley.  He utilized Instagram to market his amazing hot links, brisket and other amazing barbecued items.  One if his fans was Brian Toll, who owns the h.wood Group that does nightlife venues, encouraged Burt to open his own barbecue restaurant.

They decided to partner and opened SLAB in 2015.  They still ran the business out of his back yard but opened a stand-alone restaurant in 2018 on West Third Street.  The critics have given them a four and one-half star rating on the web with over one hundred and fifty comments.

Great Burger Joints in Atlanta, GA

This article pays tribute to one of my favorite foods, burgers.  I wanted to find some great burger places in Atlanta, Georgia and see what I could learn about them.  It is funny as I look up places then look at their website.  Some of them don’t even have a website.  My criteria to write about any restaurant is they need a good “About” section.  So many of them don’t.  In their “About” page, some only list their hours or that they serve one hundred percent aged beef.  The “About” page really needs to tell me a story of how the restaurant came to be and perhaps a little about the people who started it.  I love to find a building that has history.  One place I wrote about used to be a gas station.  Another got its floors from an old roller rink.

Dallas Texas Restaurant mediaGrind House Killer Burgers has several locations in Atlanta, one in Athens, two in the Atlanta-Hartsfield International Airport, and one in Decatur.  The first restaurant was open on 2009 inside the Sweet Auburn Curb Market, downtown.  Alex Brounstein, a former real estate lawyer, was instrumental in the revitalization of the historic public market.

Grind House Killer Burgers was situated amid produce, meat and seafood vendors.  It quickly became a favorite place and their burgers were get some amazing press.  Creative Loafing and Atlanta Magazine listed them in their “Best in Atlanta” publications.  They raved about their homemade brisket chili, hamburgers and even their vegan burgers got rave reviews.  People would come in to eat then stay for their silly B-rated movies or their Kung Fu flicks that were projected on the subway tile walls.Dallas Texas Restaurant photo

2011 saw the opening of their second restaurant that used to be a gas station.  This place could seat over one hundred people and has a great covered patio.  The third location was built from the ground up in 2013 and the fourth locations in 2016.  Their burgers have to be good if they keep opening up new restaurants.  Just take a look at the over one thousand seven hundred posts on the web that rave about their food.

Brew Pub BeerNFA Burger is located inside Galla’s Pizza Chamblee. Founded by Billy Kramer in 2017, NFA Burger was in the making long before that.  Billy used to travel a lot for his job as a sales executive.  He figures he ate more than five hundred burgers across the country.  He used Instagram to document each burger and now has over twenty-seven thousand followers.

Originally started as a pop-up inside Galla’s Pizza has now become a three-day a week business.  They are open Thursday through Saturday from eleven-thirty in the morning to three in the afternoon.  The menu gives you four choices for burgers, fries or tater tots oh and you can add an extra patty for $2.50.  Billy kept the menu simple because he wanted to be able to open a standalone business sometime down the road.

That doesn’t mean NFA Burger will always keep the menu small, Billy has a band of friends who serve as his taste testers.  Currently he is working on a Philly cheesesteak sandwich.  Not a lot of online reviews but the ones he does have give him four plus stars.

Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar is located on Church St in Decatur which is only twenty-five minutes from Atlanta.  There are also locations in Colorado, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Tennessee.Atlanta, Georgia Restaurant Photo

The first Bad daddy’s Burger Bar was opened in 2007 in Charlotte, NC.  It was an instant hit and by 2012 there were five locations.  That is amazing to think about because the height of the recession was in 2008 and a lot of restaurants were closing.

They have built a reputation in the burger world by using the philosophy to prepare simple foods with a culinary passion.  This has paid off because they now have over twenty-eight locations and are looking to expand in the future.  It is fun to read the posts on the web.

This article has been brought to you by Atlanta Hood Cleaning Pros.