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Welcome to BeerOhBeer.com. A pedestrian, meandering ramble through the world of beer as it appears to me at any given time; the joys, the delights, the shames, the tastes, the dislikes, the bottles and a lack of additives. Whilst there is no way everyone will agree with what I have written here at the very least I hope it provides an insight into beers that you might not come across. Currently I live on the Isle of Man, but have spent many years in UK, USA, Czech Republic and Germany.

As is traditional with such sites, if you wish to send along samples to be included on this site then please feel free to do so;  just use the form below to make contact. Please be warned that I will make an honest assessment, but always aim to be fair about the beer that is being “tested”.

The content on this site is not meant to offend or upset the sensibilities of the reader, I write from my perspective, my opinion – isn’t this what freedom of speech allows. I also urge the reader to visit an explanation of the site’s mission statements “The ethic of reciprocity” and “Ne cede malisYield not to evils