Seven Brothers – Stout Porter

Seven Brothers - Stout

Seven Brothers Brewery – Stout Porter
Abv: 5.2%  IBU: 32

The Beer: Dark roasted malts, coffee, blackcurrants, toffee all packed into the aroma; black in colour with a slight tan head; coffee comes out in the taste, dark chocolate is in there too, delicious dark roasted malts ; smooth, quite soft to the palette, some slight abrasive tongue sensation, medium (ish) body, not much in way of bitterness.

Thoughts: Aroma is gorgeous! taste is gorgeous! the first thing that impresses is the aroma, there is such a mad combination of sensations hitting the tongue that it makes you wonder what what is hidden in there – my main guess is blackcurrants, but it is so complex. The taste too is a little more complex than just the coffee and malts, there are extra things in there that beg to be found. My feeling is that this is a softer stout than say an Irish stout, but quite which type of stout I really don’t care, this is a good beer. Overall this is a really great beer one that I am enjoying quite a bit as I write this.

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