Brouwrij Het Nest – KoekeDam

Brouwrij Het Nest - KoekeDam

Brouwrij Het Nest – KoekeDam
Abv: 6.5%  Saison

The Beer: Gentle aroma, nothing too strong, little musty but not in a bad way; cloudy, light amber, white frothy head; fresh malts, strong alcohol flavour ; lighter bodied, strong alcohol warmth, velvety smooth, bitter from start to finish.

Thoughts: I quite like a saison – I had plenty whilst living in Prague, so I was looking forward to this. Gets much better as it warms up and the flavours come out a bit more. Whilst this is velvety smooth, I find the alcohol takes over the whole thing, so it goes down better if not left in the mouth for too long – which seems to make a difference.

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