Birra Amiata – Marronbona


Birra del Buttero (Birra Amiata) – Marronbona
Abv: 5%  IBU: 20

The Beer: The immediate aroma that comes out is a malt infused with something, pretty close to being smoked bacon, almost like a rauchbeer; opaque, light amber, or even gold in colour, plenty of bubbles, thick frothy head; taste reflects the aroma with something in there that I couldn’t quite figure; medium bodied, light bitterness.

Thoughts: My first Italian beer, and one bought in Italy whilst on holiday. This was pretty much a blind buy and I had no idea what this was. Turns out it is a chestnut beer which is not such a good idea when I have a nut allergy! Too much in the way of smokey bacon and reminded me of a rauchbeer which I am not a fan of.
On a different note, I did notice that there were quite a few Italian craft beers around, mainly in the supermarkets, but also in the airport. Good to see Italian craft beers available where there are loads of people. Would have liked to bring loads more home but travelled light and by air. Will need to try out more.

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