Gamus – Ginger Pale Ale

Gamus - Giner Ale

Gamus – Ginger Pale Ale
Abv: 4.5%

The Beer: Strong flowery aroma that gives way to ginger biscuits; clear copper in colour, plenty of bubbles rising, light frothy head; has a mild ginger taste infused with a slight bitterness, some malts, and possibly some hops; lighter bodied, some warmth at the back of the mouth

Thoughts: An interesting spiced beer that reminds me somewhat of the first beer I wrote about many years ago (it was dreadful). In this case the beer is quite good and certainly very different. Not sure if this means I would rate it as a novelty or as a good beer. Either way, it is refreshing, but would not want to drink too many of these.

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