Ceriux – Rubia

Ceriux - Rubia

Cerveza Ceriux – Rubia
5.4% alc vol  21 IBU

The Beer:  Wheaty, citrus, hay aromas; cloudy pale yellow, plenty of bubbles rising, with a fluffy white head; fresh, very lightly hoppy taste with hints of citrus, lovely bitterness that hits at first and then fades; medium to light bodied, smooth, and slight alc warmth.

Thoughts: Really refreshing, well balanced, not too harsh with the bitterness, but there’s enough there to give it an edge. Apparently there’s grape must in there somewhere, my guess is that it gives a subtle clean, crispness to it. Love the bottle, as hefty and solid as a wine bottle. Very good, would really be worth having a few in the fridge for the summer, well worth seeking out.

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