Old Dairy Brewery – Tsar Top

Old Dairy Brewery - Tsar Top

Old Dairy Brewery – Tsar Top
Imperial Russian Stout Abv: 10%

The Beer: Dark roasted malts, some sweet edges; Black, with dark tan foamy head; Deep, dark roasted malts, heavy bitterness all round the mouth; Quite dry, heavy body; loads of alcohol warming, quite smooth

Thoughts: Its been a long time since I’ve had a Russian Imperial stout and the memories come flooding back (I’m not a fan of this style). The alcohol does seem to take over the whole experience with the exception of the aroma; there are some darks roasted flavours in there, but it is mostly warm alcohol flavours. This is going to be appreciated by those who like this style (the rating do seem to indicate this), but my favourite is still their milk stout which is a cracking beer.
Update: having thought about this, and talked to a few people, I reckon the experience was due to the best before date having been in Oct, which should negate the loss of taste. Point is that I will need to revisit this at some point (and the stout)

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