Krafty Brew – Chocolate Stout

Krafty Brew - Chocolate Stout

Krafty Brew – Chocolate Stout
Abv: 6.1%  IBU: 18

Aroma: Coffee aromas, dark chocolate aromas, some creamy elements

Appearance: Black, or very, very dark brown; tan frothy head

Taste: Plenty of dark chocolate, some of that coffee bitterness comes out later on

Mouthfeel: light bodied, quite a lot of carbonation, but smooth enough. Nothing in the way of warming

Overall: Even given the higher alcohol content you’d never know this was 6.1%, and a lot lighter than I was expecting for a stout. Combination of coffee and chocolate flavours are well balanced, nothing too harsh. For some reason I’d say this would be a summer stout, maybe because of the relative lightness in body. Quite drinkable.

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