Brain Craft Brewery – Barry Island IPA

Barry Island IPA

Barry Island IPA

I’ve had an interesting relationship with IPA: at first I didn’t get it, I spent over two years living in USA and I cam away loving it, at least the American version of the IPA. To find a beer brewed in Wales and one that calls itself an American Style IPA is therefore one beer I could not pass by… Brain Craft Brewery – Barry Island IPA; 6.0% abv

Aroma: Hints of elderflower come out to greet you when you first open the bottle, light hops follow out that are both sweet and inviting.

Appearance: Dark brown in colour, slightly opaque, plenty of visible carbonation

Taste: beautifully bitter with moderate hoppy bitterness; some hints of fruits that I couldn’t quite identify, but not too much and rather delicate; medium-dry bitterness that is long lasting

Mouthfeel: plenty of carbonation but smooth rather than harsh, medium bodied

There are going to be many times I will not agree with the majority of people who review this on RateBeer, and this is one of those times. Simply put: I have not enjoyed an IPA for a long time, and I’ve certainly not come across many that compare favourably to American IPAs I enjoyed whilst living there. This is one of those excellent examples that I will not have any trouble recommending.

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