Shepherd Neame – IPA

Shepherd Neame - IPA

Shepherd Neame – IPA

And so it is that I must bid farewell to Kent as we move on, yet again, to pastures new. Whilst I never did get my act together and visit The Shepherd Neame brewery I did at least enjoy their fare, so it is rather fitting that the last Kent related posting should be an IPA… Shepherd Neame – IPA; 6.1% abv

Aroma: Slightly more malt than I was expecting, hops are strong but not over bearing

Appearance: Clear, deep copper; plenty of evidence of carbonation; little or no head

Taste: full on bitterness from those hops; edging in to fuller alcohol taste, but I’m think stamps here (like the taste you get when licking the back of a stamp)

Mouthfeel: Dry, somewhat heavy on the carbonation; full bodied, quite warm

Would be really good on tap. Once this beer settles the rounded hoppy-bitterness comes to the front. Would be very good with a curry or spicy food

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