Biddenden – Strong Kentish Cider

Biddenden - Strong Kentish Cider

Biddenden – Strong Kentish Cider

I’ve lived in Kent for over two years, and just before I run off to pastures new its abut time I wrote about a local cider. Biddenden is just round the corner from where we currently live and naturally is has taken me this long to get round to getting the cider (just before we leave the area). I lived in Chicago for years and never went up the Sears/Willis tower so no precedence here then…

The Cider Biddenden – Strong Kentish Cider, Medium; 8.4 %vol

Clear apple aromas with that hint of that apple cider mustiness but with a slightly sweeter edge. Clear, very pale yellow, no visible carbonation. Wonderful crisp taste of apples, very clean and crips with that cider mustiness hint that tells you it isn’t apple juice – but this is pretty much the only hint until the 8.4% hits your head. Awesome.

My preference for a cider is a 60% dry – 40% sweet, so you get a slightly dryer medium. Its not often you can find straight from the barrel mixing so finding something that hits this combination is great. Really worth the wait although it would have been better to get round to tasting this cider a long time ago, that way I’d have been enjoying it for a longer time.

Website – Biddenden Vineyard