Schelde Brouwerij – ‘n Toeback

Schelde Brouwerij - 'n Toeback

Schelde Brouwerij – ‘n Toeback

Belgian beers: probably should be drinking more of these now I am reasonably close in geographic terms. The one thing that stops this is the lack of stockists in the local area. This excuse is somewhat tragic in that I could just jump on a boat and buy some in Belgium. I have no excuse.

Schelde Brouwerij – ‘n Toeback; 9.5% vol

Aroma: Wonderful orange/lemon infusion with hints of vanilla; some malts and wheats but not too much

Appearance: Cloudy with bits floating around; Gold in colour; delicate foamy head that remains

Taste: full on alcohol flavour, some fruity essences like pear or apple, low bitterness, dry finish, peppery at times

Mouthfeel: Very smooth coming from the high carbonation, effervescent; some alcohol warmth

Would compare this to Piraat. Could quite decide whether this had apple or pear in it, I would err on the side of pear. I did have to filter this off a little, but was otherwise damn good.

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