Fuller’s – London Porter

Fuller's - London Porter

Fuller’s – London Porter

Whilst Fuller’s brewery is fairly close geographically, there isn’t too much in the way of variety available this side of the Medway (East). Finding the odd bottle in the stores means having to take it whilst you can, as the opportunity arises…

Fuller’s – London Porter; 5.6% vol

Aroma: Blend of chocolate and coffee malts, with a distinct edge of hops

Appearance: very dark brown; frothy tan head

Taste: Rich, complex blend of dark chocolates and dry roasted coffee; slight hints of sweetness at the edges of the tongue.

Finish: Rather harsh bitterness at first, dry and little rough across the tongue. Bitterness is sharper at the back of the mouth, can’t detect too much in the way of strong alcohol taste

Whilst the alcohol does hit home eventually – especially on an empty stomach – the roughness of the chocolate-coffee flavour takes over the whole beer. I found this a little to abrasive for most of the bottle. I’ll be honest and say I’m not sure how this gets 100 on ratebeer, maybe its the keg version that brings the most out from this.