Castle Rock – Harvest Pale

Castle Rock - Harvest Pale

Castle Rock – Harvest Pale

Don’t know much about this beer. It somehow ended up in my stash, no idea where it came fro or from whom, and here I am writing about it…

Castle Rock – Harvest Pale; 4.3% vol

Aroma: Plenty of malts that gives way to hops; some grassy bouquets

Appearance: Pale amber in colour, frothy head that quickly goes; clear with some bubbles rising up

Taste: Plenty of malts and hops in the taste, stronger on the hoppy side; peppery edges with a malty aftertaste.

Finish: Crisp, sharp bitterness that is long lasting and a little of the harsh side; dry finish

On the whole I rather liked this, reminds me more of an IPA than anything else, perfectly acceptable and in fact rather enjoyable.

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