Greene King – IPA

Greene King - IPA

Greene King – IPA

I would have said that this was going to be an English IPA, because it says so on the bottle; however, some other websites beg to differ. I am going with this being an IPA since it hit a lot of the right boxes when going through the tasting notes

Greene King, IPA; 3.6%

Aroma: a good blend of malts and floral hops

Appearance: clear copper, some evidence of bubbles rising up; frothy off white head

Taste: Moderate floral hops combines well with the medium malt, some evidence of caramel, slightly watery at various times

Finish: mildly bitter, smooth with some carbonation; bitterness does eventually hit the tongue and last quite a while, light to medium bodied

Does make you belch a lot and I feel that this would be better served from a keg (should soften out the carbonation). The coloration was copper even if the photo begs to differ. Fair enough.

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