Newcastle – Founders’ Ale

Newcastle - Founders' Ale

Newcastle – Founders’ Ale

This is a relatively new beer that has been round for most of 2012 which I seem to have completely missed because I was never looking for it. But it was sitting there in the bargain basement, end of season sale at the local supermarket, so it seemed rude not to get one (it really was very cheap, almost as if they were trying to get rid of it)

Newcastle – Founders’ Ale, 4.8% vol

Aroma: Really good malty aroma with caramel edges

Appearance: light brown, very clear, very few bubbles rising; off white fluffy had that quickly goes

Taste: Medium bitterness, fruity esters (only just) that do come out with the early aromas; some maltiness. Bitterness is pleasant, doesn’t last too long

Finish: Medium body, moderate carbonation, dry finish

Reasonably okay, easy enough to drink, quite pleasant, not as bad as I was expecting. Not a fabulous beer by any means, but an awful lot better than people are making it out to be. Glad I tried it.

Website – Doesn’t appear to have one