Fullers – Past Masters Double Stout

Fullers - Past Masters Double Stout

Fullers – Past Masters Double Stout

With the evening drawing in earlier its time to find those stronger, fuller bodied beers for an evening in front of the fire. Don’t have a fire, but do have a double stout…

Fullers – Past Masters Double Stout, 7.4%vol

Aroma: Molasses, black currents; moderate roasted grains, some chocolate edges, quite complex, alcohol comes through quite strongly

Appearance: very dark brown whilst pouring, pretty much black in the glass; tan frothy head

Taste: Deep roasted malts, good mix of dark chocolates, coffee and black currents (maybe blackberries); roasted bitterness is long lasting and very strong in presence, simple a clean

Finish: Medium-full bodied, smooth; alc is quite strong but doesn’t take over the beer; rich, strong and heavy in finish

A beer to be sipped and savoured. I’m tempted to say this is a full bodied beer but it does have a slightly lighter edge. Its not quite in imperial territory since the bitterness doesn’t come across as something that takes it all over; possibly the alc pushes it over into that area, but whatever. This is a good beer and one that I enjoyed.