Curious – IPA

Curious - IPA

Curious – IPA

Time to put down the Tempranillo for a while and get back to beer. Curious is a range of beers from a local brewer, Chapel Down in Tenterden, Kent, who also happen to do wines (mainly wines). This is their IPA

Chapel Down, Curious IPA; 5.6% abv

Aroma: wonderfully hoppy, fresh grassy aromas, edges of citrus

Appearance: clear, light copper, not too much in the way of visible carbonation; fluffy head that quickly goes

Taste: plenty of hops, freshly mown grassy hints; dry finish

Finish: Deliciously bitter but not too harsh, edging towards fuller bodied, long lasting bitterness; smooth, with moderate carbonation

The bitterness seems to disguise the stronger alcohol, so much so that it doesn’t hit the mouth or throat. Quite a good beer and one that I enjoyed. To be fair I think this deserves more than the rating it gets in ratebeer, more like an American IPA so one that hits my taste buds well.

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