Shepherd Neame – Late Red

Shepherd Neame - Late Red

Shepherd Neame – Late Red

Hurray. Finally made it to Faversham, the town where it seems like you can’t move for Shepherd Neame, which is probably about right. Even better, the shop was open whilst I was there. Next challenge will be to be there when the tour is on and I’m not driving; its only taken my 18 months to get this close.

Shepherd Neame – Late Red, 4.5% vol

Aroma: Nutty-malt combination, plenty of hops, essence of blackberries

Appearance: Copper, clear with some bubbles rising; slight tan fluffy head quickly goes

Taste: Medium bitterness from start to finish, long lasting bitterness; nutty, hoppy, dry fruits and a bit of a spicy edge

Finish: Fresh, dry on tongue; medium bodied.

The great thing is that the shop sells trays of their beer at very good prices too. Oh, yes, the beer is really good and reminded me a little of the Autumn style beers you get in the US (this is a very good thing), colour of the beer is so gorgeous, and the aroma that gets you when your pour is really lovely. The downside of this beer is being an autumnal beer reminds you that summer has ended and it will soon be winter. Which means that the trays of beers will come in very useful.

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