Sleaford Brewery – Espresso Stout

Sleaford Brewery - Espresso Stout

Sleaford Brewery – Espresso Stout

This is going to herald a short series of Stouts. By far my favourite beer style, I’ve not been trying out too many of these, so time to make amends

Sleaford Brewery – Espresso Stout, 5.5% vol

Aroma: collection of treacle, espresso, caramel, fresh dark roasted coffee beans and malts

Appearance: Extremely crude oil black, seems to pour the same way; little or no head, what there is is dark tan

Taste: Lots of coffee bitterness, rich roasted coffee, some sweetness on the edges.

Finish: bitter sweet, with a rich coffee style bitter taste; medium-full bodied, smooth, a little bubbly across the tongue

When you pour this beer out of the bottle is looks awesome, the aromas hit the right places and it just looks delicious. The coffee side does take over this beer, so it seems like you are having a long, iced coffee rather than a beer. Don’t get me wrong, If you like coffee stouts then I’d suggest trying this out if you can find it; however, not really to my taste. I little too much like coffee rather than beer.

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