Ringwood – Fortyniner

Ringwood - Fortyniner

Ringwood – Fortyniner

I’ve got a stash of beer sitting in the garage. This is because it is cool in there are also this is the only place I have any room for beer bottles. The downside of this is that I have beers sitting in there that I never knew I had nor have any idea where I got them from. I was out not so long ago and this beer was on tap and I thought to myself that I’d seen this somewhere before, got home and there it was sitting in the garage. No idea when I got it…

Ringwood Brewery – Fortyniner, 4.9% vol

Aroma: Wonderfully malty with a dollop of hay, light hints of summer meadows

Appearance: Clear, deep copper/light brown; frothy slightly tan head, some bubbles rising

Taste: Nutty, alc takes over a bit of the taste.

Finish: Bitter from start to finish, a little dry but pleasantly so; medium bitterness, medium bodied

 On the whole this is a good beer, but I certainly preferred the tap version of this beer.

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