Duchy Originals – IPA (2012)

Duchy Originals – IPA (2012)

Imagine if you will, after a hard day of doing whatever needs to be done, The Prince of Wales retires to his garden shed and starts brewing up beer. This is, of course, after making biscuits, but the beer gets the priority. In celebration of The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee he was particularly busy with this batch. You’ll have to imagine all this because in all likelihood this doesn’t actually happen this way.

Duchy Originals – Organic Imperial Pale Ale (2012), 5.2% vol

Aroma: plenty of hops with a noticeable malty edge, some hints of fruity esters which remain subtle throughout

Appearance: Clear, golden-amber in colour, plenty of bubbles giving a foamy, slightly off white head

Taste: Assertive bitterness that is not too harsh; plenty of hops some malts

Finish:Bitter from start to finish, medium bodied, fresh, quite lively

I enjoyed this one, close to being an American style IPA (which is a good thing). Plenty of bitterness and plenty of fresh, grassy flavours. The only down side being that the website no longer seems to show it, but there are two other drinks to get. You might be lucky enough to find this in the local Waitrose, but my guess is that it was a limited run, which is a pity.

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