Jennings Brewery – Cocker Hoop

Jennings Brewery – Cocker Hoop

No idea where I bought this, its been sitting around on the shelf for a few weeks. Jennings Brewery was founded in the village of Lorton (situated between Keswick and Cockermouth) in 1828 by John Jennings (1783 – 1876), son of William Jennings (1751 – 1848) who was a Malster by trade – malster being the person responsible for the grains when they are malted (and yes I looked this up to make sure that my understanding was correct).

Jennings Brewery – Cocker Hoop; Golden Pale Ale, 4.2% vol

Aroma: initial malty aroma escape from the bottle, some berry aromas in there, reminded me either of blackberry or raspberry on different occasions

Appearance: clear amber in colour, one or two bubbles rising; some light, white frothy head

Taste & Palate: wonderful moderate bitterness from start to finish and lasts for a long time; slightly dry finish; plenty of malts and quite lively.

Really rather good. I drank the first part of the beer with half a piece of shortbread still floating around my mouth and the taste really came out well. Not much in the way of additional flavours; however, I enjoyed this enough to recommend it, and would certainly buy this again – and I disagree with ratebeer, the lower rating seems a little harsh, then again am I supposed to agree. One thing that I can’t find on the website is if this is on tap anywhere, this would be a cracking beer if it was cask conditioned.

WebsiteJennings Brewery

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