Fuller’s – ESB

Fuller’s – ESB

Updated – I last tried this beer over two years ago when we lived in Chicago. Now we are slightly closer and a few things have changed: the beer comes in a bigger bottle an is slightly cheaper.

Original post – April 01, 2010

Anecdotal evidence would suggest that people I know consider Fuller’s ESB to be a high calibre import beer, for those moments when you want to look as if you know something more about beer than just drinking the standard imports or domestic generic beers. To me this reminds me of working in Chiswick for several years, so whilst not exactly being a “blind” test this is the first time I’ve had an export, bottled version.

The Beer Fuller’s ESB; 5.9% abv

Malted, honey tones are easily the first things to find. A little hops maybe but certainly fresh and inviting

dark brown is colour with a slight head, doesn’t last long though and this is probably more down to the way I poured this out and the legth of time I was messing about with taking the photo. No visible signs of carbonation, but the overall appearance is delicious.

Taste Experience
Bitter, a little nutty and a slight hints of hops, otherwise there are some robust malts in there and it is mostly bitter. This is probably a medium bodied beer (although the robust flavours would suggest something more) and certainly hides it’s 5.9% abv very well. A little rough from the carbonation and towards the end you get a fresh taste.

If this manages to bring back good memories then it can’t be all that bad, this is a good English ale for those of us who do not get back to the UK as often as we’d like to. Certainly gives a lot more when compared to other imports although I feel it would be slightly insulting to suggest this is a general import that should be compared with mass market US or other mass produced international beers, since it clearly isn’t. On the other hand I would like to think that if people drinking this beer in the US like it then they should take the plunge and discover locally brewed beers that offer a similarly good drinking experience.

Updated – 05 June 2012: I still very much enjoyed this beer and even more so given it comes in a bigger bottle. Cracking.

Website Fuller’s

3 thoughts on “Fuller’s – ESB

  1. Fuller's have become something of a staple in my cellar, and ESB is a grand tipple to have knocking about. I would love to see 1845 available over here as well, but to no avail yet.

  2. Not sure if it's still the case but bottled ESB (as we understand it) used to have a tot of hop extract which perhaps explains why it survives packaging/pasteurising/shipping in such good form.

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