Okells – 1907

Okells – 1907

During a recent business trip to Isle of Man (which are few and far between, but appreciated never the less) I chanced upon Okells Bitter on tap at the hotel where we were staying. Three (or so) pints later we were hooked. On the last day I managed to find a shop that was selling Okells (not as easy as it sounds), best find of all was this 1907, celebrating 100 years of the IOM TT races

Okells – 1907 (Limited Edition); 6.1% vol

Aroma: Satisfying infusion of hops and malts, a little bready, hints of being slightly toasted

Appearance: Clear, light copper; few bubbles rising up; thin, foamy head which is long lasting

Taste & Palate: Moderate to heavy bitterness, bitter finish, long lasting; medium to full bodied, creamy texture, heavy(ish) alc, quite lively

Very satisfying, as much as the bitter was. The brewers tasting notes suggest sweetness, which I must admit I can’t remember finding (certainly didn’t note it at the time). Whatever, this beer was worth brining back to SE England (in a new, large plastic container I have bought specifically to bring back beers on various trips), and I would say that if you can find this then try it. Good stuff. And a better photo this time 🙂

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