Sleaford Brewery – Hop Me Up – Route 17

Sleaford Brewery – Hop Me Up – Route 17

A word of advice: if you are going to experiment with new photo ideas try it out first on something that you have more than one of, or something static that allows you to mess with it before you take the photo of beer (or whatever)

Sleaford Brewery – Hop Me Up – Route 17; 5.3% abv

Aroma: Really fresh, plenty of hoppy aromas, handfulls of freshly cut grass, little herb edge

Appearance: A little hazy/cloudy, little or no head, orange-amber in colour

Taste & Palate: Full on bitterness, this starts at the very beginning, and lasts all the way through to the end and carries on going for some time after; full bodied, dry texture, flat and plenty of alcohol

I’m not one to read reviews other before writing my own – this way I can give an honest appraisal of what I felt the beer was about, not influenced what other think – but I was quite surprised to find this is not highly rated. Maybe it is because I spent two years getting to like American IPAs (it was a long, hard journey), but I really liked this and really understand it, reminds me a lot of the good IPAs I had whilst in the US. This is full on bitter, full bodied and wonderful. A cracking beer.

WebsiteHop Me Up (Sleaford Brewery)

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