St Peters – Whisky Beer

St Peters – Whisky Beer

I was tempted to say that I haven’t had a St Peters beer for some time, thank goodness for search (turns out it was Sep 2011). The beers have been a little hit and miss – porter and cream stout stand out above the others (really didn’t get the Sorgham beer), but I do love the bottles…

St Peters – The Saints, Whisky Beer; 4.8% abv
Aroma – smoked bacon infused with peat or smoked woodAppearance – clear, copper, slight forthy head

Taste – moderate bitterness, moderate bitter finish, an average duration (i.e. it lasts but doesn’t hang on); medium to full bodied, creamy in texture, soft mouthfeel and moderate alc; plenty of smokey bacon which I would guess would be the whisky flavor coming out

Not sure about this one. Okay, this beer isn’t for me, but I did finish it and get the point. Need to go back to the stout and retake the photo, oh and the honey porter looks good too.

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