Hacker-Pschorr – Anno 1417

Hacker-Pschorr – Anno 1417

I originally had this beer back in June 2008. I lost the original photo and would liked to have reset the format ages ago, so when I got this beer in my batch direct from Bavaria (in the back of a car) it was time to go back and tart up the tasting…

Another of the Hacker-Pschorr beers from Munich. I am having this beer whilst watching the opening Euro2008 game between Switzerland and Czech Republic. I should be saving this for tomorrow’s Germany game and having something more Czech, but then I am not sure whenever I have done something normal. The Anno 1417 beer is a Kellerbier and goes well with football food (i.e. potato chips)

Hacker-Pschorr – Anno 1417;  Stammwürze 12.5%, 5.5% Vol
An unfiltered (i.e. misty) amber that you really can’t see through, some gas rising; hoppy smell, nothing too strong; has a full flavour that is certainly complete in body and a somewhat ‘bready’ taste, you certainly get grains and roastings in there, but leads into a pleasant, full tasting beer; not too bitter after taste, I am still getting bread.

You also get a mouth full of gas; It is not unpleasant and it does provide a certain softness of the taste, with some added complexities – it isn’t a simple beer and could get washed out a bit if the potato chip flavour is too strong. A translation using my terrible German (and a little help from Google) tells me that this beer is “…much as it was consumed in the 19th before the introduction of filtration. Thus, it contains all the yeast-protein substances, minerals, fibre and the many healthy ingredients in beer”. Here we go with another beer-is-good-for-you argument again. Another one of those beers I would have in the fridge, if I could buy it locally.

WebsiteHacker-Pschorr (in German)

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