Schwarzbrau – Exquisit

Schwartzbrau – Exquisit

This is an update on a beer I wrote about back on 26 March, 2008. I’ve not really shifted too much on how I feel about this beer (it is still good), I have made a revision on the tasting notes…

Finally (back in 2008), I get round to adding German beers. I once lived in Augsburg in Southern Germany. It is a relatively small city but boasts at least four breweries within the city limits and several others in the surrounding area. One of those from the surrounding area is the Schwarzbrau brewery. They offer 12 types of beer, including seasonal beers, and have a history of brewing of 350 years (if my German is up to scratch). Today’s tasting is Exquisit.

Schwarzbrau – Exquisit; 5.3%
Fresh combination of wheat, malts and hops; there is a vanilla edge, honey tones.Foamy, white head, plenty of bubbles rising up, pale-amber in colour.Hops and malts are plentiful, honey tones really come out; bitter from start to finish, edging towards full bodied, possibly a little oily in consistency; back of the throat bitter-roasting hit comes from nowhere.

This Helles (a pale, malty lager) and is really easy to drink, slightly chilled for drinking purposes, it does manage to mask its alcohol content. This is very much a summer beer, it isn’t too heavy, not too bitter just right. If you’re anywhere near Augsburg then there will be far too many choices and other beers for me to say try this one over anything else; however, if you do try it then you should not find yourself disappointed.

Website: Schwarzbrau

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