The Nottingham Brewery – EPA

The Nottingham Brewery – EPA

This should have been Hedgerow Gold from Sleaford Brewery, but, and for the first time ever, I had a beer that had actually gone off – it pretty much exploded as I was trying to open the bottle. Made a mess. Everywhere.

So, off to Nottingham, without any those jokes about football teams and men in tights…

The Nottingham Brewery – Extra Pale Ale (EPA); 4.2%
Rather light on the aroma, a little hops, maybe an edge of honey or some other sweetnessPale gold, loads of bubbles rising up that kept the already forthy head going for quite some timeModerate hoppiness, and moderate bitter finish which lasted quite a lot longer than I was expecting; light to medium bodied and really fizzy

Simple and to the point, really not much much else to say. This beer won the CAMRA bronze award back in 2004. I was pleased it didn’t explode.

Website – Nottingham Brewery

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