BrewDog – Avery Brown Dredge

BrewDog – Avery Brown Dredge

BrewDog are becoming a favourite of mine. They remind me of the great US breweries that not only produce great beers but obviously have a hugely great time doing so. Today is an Imperial Pilsner, a style I can’t quite recall having before…

BrewDog – Avery Brown Dredge; 7.5%
Incredibly hoppy, loads of grassy aromas, hints of camomile and vanilla.Loads of frothy head; slightly opaque, not much in the way of visible bubbles rising; golden-amber in colour.

Intensely bitter from start to finish and bitterness that lasts long after it has left the mouth; full bodied, a mix of creamy-dryness (if there is such a thing), heavy on the alc; plenty of hops, not much else.

Fabulous one again. Plenty of hops that reminds me more of an Imperial IPA; the excess froth comes more from the standard size of glass I am using, but this probably softened it off more. Works really well and thoroughly enjoyable.

Website – Brew Dog

2 thoughts on “BrewDog – Avery Brown Dredge

  1. Imperial Pilsner is one of those "styles" which is really just a different way of saying speciální sv?tlý ležák and at 7.5%, probably something like an osmnáctka.

  2. It would be good to know what BJCP has to say; however, they don't, so in this case it seem to be the usage of "Imperial" to denote something in the OG or BU that goes above the style's usual characteristics. Then again I am not even for a second going to say I could tell this was supposed to be a pilsner, certainly more like a good IPA (or iPad as my spell check wants to suggest)

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