Tesco Finest – Single Orchard Cider

Tesco Finest – Single Orchard Cider

I confess to flirting too much with wine for the past month or so and neglecting all things beer and cider. (For those interested I’m currently in to Malbec, deliciously dry and full bodied with a full bodied character and plenty of fruity elements).

Back to the beer/cider. I’ve tended to steer away from super market branded items when writing, generally because there are few few that have been available or generally fewer that have been recommended. Tesco’s Finest cider clearly states on the front label that it has been specially produced for Tesco by Thatchers. Now I’m still not sure about own brands since they tend to genericise items and with it the taste – the exception here has to be M&S Port which is really very good.

Tesco Finest – Single Orchard Cider; Medium-dry; 5.5%
Pleasing apple aroma with an ever so faint hint of cider-mustiness.Clear amber in colour with plenty of carbonation.More medium than dry, light bodied than suggested, does has a dry aftertaste; quite fizzy

Not much more to say about this. Two came in the pack together with some delicious oat cakes, cheese, and onion marmalade, all of which were delicious. Cider was a little too empty for me, and a little too light in flavour.


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