Riegele – Commerzienrat

Riegele – Commerzienrat

It is safe to say that the Riegele brewery can trace its roots back a long way. The Riegele brewery itself was founded in 1884 in the city of Augsburg, approx 70 km West of Munich. By way of early disclosure, when I lived in Augsburg this was one of my favourite breweries and I must have tried most, if not all, of the brewery’s offerings. Sadly, this harks back to the time before I started writing so I don’t have any records of what I thought at the time, needless to say it was favourable.

Riegele – Commerzienrat; 5.2 vol%
Aroma has plenty of hops infused with mixed spice and a hint of cinnamon. Golden yellow in colour, clear, very little in the way of visible carbonation; strong, long lasting, foamy head. Tending towards a heavier bitterness that hits you immediately,  with a moderate bitter aftertaste is long lasting; medium bodies, dry texture, soft carbonation and a slight creamier finish; very fresh overall taste with some spicy elements.

Delicious and brings back some good memories. This is a good beer and one that I would have no hesitation in recommending if you are anywhere near the city of Augsburg. This is widely available throughout the city both in bottle and on tap, many of the restaurants sold it in one form or another. Couldn’t find this outside of Augsburg or the immediate area so lucky for me I had friends coming over so they could bring a bottle or two.

Website – Riegele

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