Henney’s – Vintage (2010) Cider

Henney’s – Vintage (2010) Cider

Long story, but I’ve been off the booze and on a healthy diet for the past month. Before I started I managed to sneak in a cider. Best thing is that as it is fast approaching Christmas it will soon be time to finish the diet and hit the boxes of beer that are building up. This is not a beer, however…

Henney’s – Vintage (2010) Cider; 6.5% abv
Has a really sumptuous aroma, almost like walking into a apple storage barn, has a distinctive woody element to it. Clear, no carbonation, not even a trace of gas when you open the bottle, pleasant amber. Really good, fresh, crisp and clean taste; medium dry with a good fruity kick; alcohol really comes out but doesn’t take over the mouth.

Yes, really very good. I like these still ciders, especially when you get a full on fruity kick infused with the full on alcoholic kick but neither seems to take over. Their website’s tasting notes suggests apple crumble and herbs, I didn’t find these so I will have to go back again to see, plus the remaining three ciders being offered by Henney’s. Really didn’t like the Grey background, so back to the pale backdrop.

Website – Henney’s

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