Brew Dog – Alice Porter

Brew Dog – Alice Porter

Probably about time I did a Brew Dog. And a porter. And try new angles for the photos, maybe with some back lighting…

Brew Dog – Alice Porter; 6.2%
Toasted malts, some vanilla essence, mixed fruits in there (maybe a hint of cola). Light coloured, slightly off white, creamy head, mostly diminishing; very dark brown, only at the edges do you get a hint of the colour. Heavy bitterness as soon as it hits your mouth, and a bitter finish that is long lasting; medium to full bodied, a little dry; quite lively with a very clear, strong alcoholic finish; plenty of toasted malts

Probably should take a look at the last time I had a baltic porter, since I can’t quite remember any references points for this style of porter. This example is a good enough one to stand up on its own and I am very pleased I added this to the online shopping cart, so for now this is the bench mark. Any other recommendations for baltic porters available in the UK would be appreciated.

Website – Brew Dog

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