Paulaner – Salvator

Paulaner – Salvator

Direct from Germany, via a journey of several hundred of whichever distance you prefer, comes Paulaner Salvator, a doppelbock which seems to rate quite highly with the beer ratings sites.

Paulaner – Salvator; 7.9%
Freshly baked wholegrain bread with a mix of dried, autumnal fruits and some hops. Clear, brown, with a tan frothy head that quickly goes. Full on, full bodied beer – this is really full on and quite a departure from some of the most recent beers I’ve been drinking. Heavy on the alcohol side with a bitterness that seems milder than it probably is because of the alcohol. Some fruitiness. Not much in the way of carbonation, quite flat.

In the end I found that the heavy alcohol just drowns out the taste, and all you are really getting a bready, alcohol taste, which is probably the point but then again my tastes have changed since I last had anything from Germany. Still, it is good enough to be enjoyed. One interesting note here, this beer is highly rated on RateBeer (95%) but not too highly by me, as Evan Rail noted in his wonderful new offering Why Beer Matters, this is the fabulous thing about beer, it is wonderfully democratic.

Website Paulaner RateBeer

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