Goose Island – Matilda (2011)

Goose Island – Matilda (2011)

Its been a while since I wrote anything so it makes some sort of sense to revisit one for my favourites – and if really pressed to come up with the only beer I could have this would be on the short list. So, making the most of a recent visit to US by a family member, here’s a great chance for me to review something I’ve really enjoy…

The Beer Goose Island – Matilda (2011); 7% abv

Plenty of mixed fruit and roasted malts give you an idea of what the taste is going to be like, I was also getting some toffee and vanilla caramel aroma, delicious. Slightly opaque tending towards a deep amber, frothy head  that’s slightly off white and plenty of bubbles. Full bodied, strong and plenty of full on flavour: plenty of toasted malts, smooth, not to bitter; strong alcohol presence.

The saddest part about this beer is that it might well be some time before I get to drink it again. This is such a drinkable beer, delicious. Simple as that. Even after a year or so since last having this it reamins as good as I remember. Luuuuuuvly!

Website – Goose Island

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