Titanic Brewery – Stout

Titanic Brewery – Stout

There’s this fabulous food shop I pass every day on my way home. Since it serves international trains it has to satisfy a wider range of very demanding tastes, and they certainly excel when it comes to wines and beers. This season’s brewer is Titanic brewery from the potteries. My hope is that they bring more northern breweries down south.

The Beer Titanic Brewery – Stout; 4.5% abv

Plenty of coffee aromas, plenty of richly toasted malts, some mocha edge and you can also find some earthy elements. Very, very dark brown in colour with a frothy tan head. Wonderfully smooth, deliciously caramelised dark roasted, and full bodied; bitterness is prominent and brings out the toasted elements.

Really cracking beer. This beer won bottled beer award in 2010 and I can see why. This has a really good “stout” taste to it, really smooth and that bitterness hits the target in my taste. Fabulous and well worth taking that chance when I saw this at St Pancras station.

Website – Titanic Brewery

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