Fuller’s – London Porter

Fuller’s – London Porter

At one time there was an intention to find more Porters, this didn’t really work out and the last time a Porter graced these pages was back in February (which really was rather good).

The Beer Fuller’s – London Porter; 5.4% abv

Plenty of smoke, mocha, dark chocolate, vimto, and maybe a hint of bourbon. Colour is very, very dark brown, with a tan frothy head. All those aromas come out in the flavour, wonderful smoked under tones, rich malts, a little tart; fresh bitterness doesn’t take over the whole taste but the smoked elements takes it from start to finish.

Really very good. This has a rich smokey, bitterness that isn’t full on, but it dominates the foundations. This is a good thing, because the balance of the roasted bitterness and the smoke is very well balanced to give a fabulously well rounded taste. No problem having this again; however, you really need to combine this with a meaty meal rather than by itself. Yes.

Website – Fullers

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