Aspalls – Draught

Aspalls – Draught

I’ve taken a liking to Aspalls Cyder. Firstly, and most important for me is that they produce consistently good cider. Secondly, this is a privately owned, local (UK) producer, not part of some gigantic multinational, and you know that this has been made with love, care and attention, which is good.

The Cider Aspalls – Draught; 5.5% abv

A very clean, crisp apple aroma with a slight honey tone, smells like the apple storage barns you wander in to when you visit a cider farm (this is a good thing) that have that distinct fermentation, musty smell coming from them. Clear, golden in colour, plenty of bubbles rising up. Dry, full bodied taste, fresh with some astringency; the subtle sweetness harmonises with the overall dryness taking the edge off it; whilst there is a little too much on the carbonation side, this goes down well.

I recently had several glasses of this at a pub and the taste was as good (ok, better) actually draught. It was s lot smoother with a lot less carbonation, problem is that it goes down too well and you tend to drink more than you think you have (ok, this is not a problem). This isn’t the best of the Aspalls I’ve sampled so far (see Aspalls Organic) and I’ve still got to try the Grand Cru, but this is still a very good cider that I am very happy to recommend.

Website – Aspalls

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