Thornbridge – Jaipur

Thornbridge – Jaipur

When writing about beers I tend to choose one, write about it and then maybe check what the other people think, this way I am writing about something that my own opinion rather than being influenced by others – which is not easy, but I like to remain as neutral as possible. Choosing a beer is either through recommendation, I like the sound of something or the label jumps out at me. Looks at the label of this one, it jumped right out…

The Beer Thornbridge – Jaipur; 5.9%abv

Its got some grains, fresh grass, really wonderful flower bouquet (the aroma rather than a bunch of flowers stuck in there), maybe some vanilla, actually quite a lovely complex aroma. Slightly opaque in colour, golden-yellow and a good foamy head that seemed to last long enough. Very bitter to taste, this lasts from the first sip, all the way through and lasts well after you have finished; the bitterness is really fresh. It has a fruity side to it, some malts, obviously plenty of hops, maybe a sweet edge, full bodied and very smooth.

This beer comes highly recommended, one of the better IPAs I have had in a long time which is probably why I enjoyed it so much. Looking through the beer range this is a brewer that could get me quite excited and reminds me of the very good brewers I found in the US.

Website – Thornbridge

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