St Peters – Organic Ale

St Peters – Organic Ale

This is one of the few UK breweries that were available in the part of Illinois I used to live in. I was quite taken with a few of their beers so thought it was about time to go back and try a few more. This is a the Organic Ale.

The Beer St Peters – Organic Ale; 4.5% abv

Aroma has a subtle but still distinctive malts and hops combination with some flowery blossoms mingling. The copper colour does have a darker element to it, very few bubbles rising up and a tan (light) frothy head. Good hoppy bitterness, medium bodied, smooth & flat with maybe a hint of effervescence; bitterness lasts from start right through to the end and then lingers, maybe has a vanilla edge to it.

The bitterness is quite refreshing and and something I’ve found quite rather welcoming with the last few beers. Still really love the bottle and still believe this is yet another good beer from this brewer

Website – St Peters

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