Shepherd Neame – Whitstable Bay

Shepherd Neame - Whitstable Bay

Shepherd Neame brewery is one of the largest brewers in the local area (I currently live in Kent), with seemingly a pub in every town that I drive through (and even some that are in the middle of nowhere). They sponsor the Kent County Cricket team (The Spitfires – 40 0vers tournament), and is Britain’s oldest brewer. One day I might even make it over to Faversham (not like its a million miles away). This is their Organic ale

The Beer Shepherd Neame – Whitstable Bay Organic Ale; 4.5% abv

As your pour this out and stuff your nose in to the glass you are greeted with a good blend of malts and hops with the hint of flowers and maybe a little hint of freshly cut wood. Clear, golden amber in colour with a slightly frothy head and some buddle rising up through the glass. To taste, you get plenty of good hops, and is in fact quite bitter, not something I was expecting; goes down smootly, maybe a little on the gassy side (i.e. the fizz), some fruity hints; certain clean and crisp.

Really rather enjoyed the bitterness of this, and wasn’t something I was really expecting which added to the overall enjoyment; this is a beer I would certainly buy again and enjoy it as much.
I am sure there will be some more interesting beers from this brewery finding their way on to these pages.

Website – Shepherd Neame

One thought on “Shepherd Neame – Whitstable Bay

  1. I have a big soft spot for Shepherd Neame, after all it is was a pint of Bishop's Finger on cask that took me away from the world of John Smiths and Caffreys smoothflow. I would still rate BF as one of my favourite beers.

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