Martson’s – Oyster Stout

Martson’s – Oyster Stout

You wait for ages and then two come along almost at once. This Oyster Stout comes from Marston’s Beer Co, which, to be honest I forgot all about until I wrote about the Oyster Stout from Whitstable Bay.

The Beer Marston’s Beer Co – Oyster Stout; 4.5% abv

Open this up and you get the aroma of malts at first, then some really well roasted grains that tend towards coffee; I was even finding some banana in there. This is pretty much black in colour until you get this into strong light and look towards the edges to find the treacle brown colours; foamy tan head, can’t see inside to tell whether there are any bubbles rising up. Smooth, really smooth, a little fizzy at first maybe; rich, dark roasted bitter taste come out really well and that dark roasted taste remains; medium-full bodied.

If I was an oyster eating man I would say that this goes well with a good bowl of freshly cooked oysters. Since I am not a seafood lover, I will just get on and enjoy this anyway. Worth a go, and rather enjoyable.

Website – Marstons

3 thoughts on “Martson’s – Oyster Stout

  1. As stouts go I find this mediocre. It used to have a bit more character when it was bottle-conditioned and was just about worth buying then. I wouldn't bother with it now

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