Darkstar Brewing Co. – Sunburst

Darkstar Brewing Co. – Sunburst

I really don’t know anything about this brewery, have the vaguest idea where it is (quite a distance, in relative terms from where I am right now) and only got this beer by virtue of my wife finding it at some event she was attending. Looking at the brewery’s website this is the closest to those fabulous US micro/macro breweries I have yet to find in the UK – this for those of you who haven’t been through this website is a compliment, just take a look at the website, we are talking six permanent offerings, eight seasonals and 12 monthly brews. This is really fantastic.

The Beer Darkstar Brewing Co. – Sunburst Classic Golden Ale; 4.8%

Lovely aroma, plenty of hops, a honey/syrup edge and some malts. Golden-amber in colour, frothy head and some bubbles gently rising through the glass. Almost a full bodied beer, really refreshingly bitter, almost in IPA land. Has some of that delicate (golden) syrup edge to it, not too fizzy, very smooth. Smashing.

I could very enthused about this beer but I will restrain myself since I only had the one bottle. Hoppy-bitterness comes out really well, and I really enjoyed this.

If anyone knows of a brewery in the UK that offers as many beer styles as this (obviously I mean micro/macro brewery size) then please let me know as I am interested in finding more.

Website – Dark Star Brewing

2 thoughts on “Darkstar Brewing Co. – Sunburst

  1. Try the Durham Brewery. They offer an extensive range of beers. They are all bottle-conditioned, and I can vouch that they are reliable. The strong beers in particular are superb

    1. Looks good to me. I have just bought a load of beers from a place in Nottingham, when I have finished these I will try the case from Durham Brewery. Thanks.

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