Aspall – Perronelle’s Blush

Aspall – Perronelle’s Blush

This is the third only the second Cyder from Aspalls (I have an idea I had one a few weeks back and didn’t write about it) and only one a few beers/ciders that have included additional fruit flavourings. This has not been something I have done on purpose or for a particular reason, but given a choice I’ve always gone for non-flavoured beverages.

The Cider Aspall – Perronelle’s Blush, Suffolk Cyder; 5.4% abv

Gorgeous bouquet of juicy apples with a distinctive alcoholic punch if you stuff your nose in the glass as you pour it out, there are some fruity zests in there too and a subtle element of berry. The colour is that of a slightly diluted blackcurrant drink, rather like a red ale; clear with a few bubbles rising up. Delicate musty cider taste that has a delicious fruity edge which is much more than an apple taste; blackberry is subtle but does add an extra dimension to the taste that I find works very well. This has a fruity-acidic taste that leaves the mouth feeling all tangy. Works well for me.

Website – Aspall Cyder

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