Old Dairy Brewery – Silver Top

Old Dairy Brewery – Silver Top

There is something very satisfying when I find a local brewery, even more so when the gent in the store was enthusiastic about it and said that he no longer had an IPA because the brewery couldn’t make enough of it. Smashing. This is a good sign.

The Beer Old Dairy Brewery – Silver Top Cream Stout; 4.5%

This is a bottled conditioned cream stout. Very dark brown, with a tan frothy head. Aromatic toasted malts and slightly caramelised. Medium to full bodied, wonderfully roasted-toasted bitterness that is completely fills the mouth; long lasting bitterness that goes on into the aftertaste; slightly creamy texture and edge to the flavour, also goes on into the aftertaste.

Lovely. Several things I like about this. The brewery has an excellent theme that it keeps for all its beers – even the cows look happy (or drunk). The brewery is local, which can only be a good thing. The beer is very good. If there is a slight downside it is that I happened to stumble across this in a specialist store in Tenterden, which I guess is very local for the brewery; my problem being this is good and should have a wider audience.

Website – Old Dairy Brewery

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