Thatchers – Old Rascal

Thatchers – Old Rascal

I am finding myself drinking more cider than beer, this is more like getting the novelty out of my system than there being more cider than beer available. The photo is way to dark. Damn. Its a long story but I realized too late. But at least you can see the label.

The Cider Thatchers – Old Rascal, 4.5%

Pleasantly sweet, musty and fruity aroma. Clear and golden in colour (not that you can tell from the photo) with plenty of bubbles. Very pleasant sweet apple juice taste, not too tart or bitter and not finding it too dry either; the alcoholic content is in there somewhere but very well hidden away amongst the fruitiness. Not overly fizzy, really very pleasant.

This reminds me of the appleade I had when I was a kid, with the obvious lack of alcohol. It has a mild enough kick to remind you this is fizzy apple juice but far too drinkable. Want more. fridge is empty. darn.

Website – Thatchers

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